An Iranian Revolutionary, Dismayed but Unbowed (SEE SMCCDI Note..)

SMCCDI Note: Ebrahim Yazdi is despised by most Iranians, except by his few ignorant and “optimistic” new Islamist colleagues,  who think that Islamism can be matched with Democracy. Indeed, Yazdi and his gang are considered, by an absolute majority of Iranians, as a kind of more illuminated-backwarded Islamist who helped the coming of cataclysm in Iran back in 1979, and that still try to save their face somehow.



Five More Executed In Iran


SMCCDI Note: The Islamic regime is known for using false labels in order to try to justify the systematic liquidation of those of its opponents who retaliate against its brutal rule.

Bush sends message to Iranians and warning to their oppressors

SMCCDI (News Service)
Jan 28, 2008 

President George W. Bush sent, this evening and in the final “State of Union Address” of his Presidency, clear messages to the Iranian People and their oppressors.

Slamming the Islamic regime, for its terrorist and abusive activities, he stated: “We’re also standing against the forces of extremism embodied by the regime in Tehran. Iran’s rulers oppress a good and talented people. And wherever freedom advances in the Middle East, it seems the Iranian regime is there to oppose it. Iran is funding and training militia groups in Iraq, supporting Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, and backing Hamas’ efforts to undermine peace in the Holy Land. Tehran is also developing ballistic missiles of increasing range, and continues to develop its capability to enrich uranium, which could be used to create a nuclear weapon.”

Then and addressing, directly, the Iranians , he said: “Our message to the people of Iran is clear: We have no quarrel with you, we respect your traditions and your history, and we look forward to the day when you have your freedom.”

Finally, he warned the oppressive Islamic regime, by adding: “Our message to the leaders of Iran is also clear: Verifiably suspend your nuclear enrichment, so negotiations can begin. And to rejoin the community of nations, come clean about your nuclear intentions and past actions, stop your oppression at home and cease your support for terror abroad. But above all, know this: America will confront those who threaten our troops, we will stand by our allies, and we will defend our vital interests in the Persian Gulf.”

It’s to note that the US President used, in tonight’s important address, the full and correct historical and UN recognized name of the famous water body which is the “Persian Gulf”. This was another noble gesture, he made toward the Iranian People following the mistake that he made, during his last visit to the region, when he used the meaningless word “Gulf”.

Not astonishingly, most known “mercantilist” European and Chinese news agencies omitted to mention the parts of Mr. Bush’s statement where he addressed the Iranian People and mentioned their quest for freedom. These so-called news agencies, which follow the interest of their governments and some financial circles, focused only on the parts of the statement which were in relation to the turmoil created by the Islamic regime.\

Same silence was adopted by the CNN’s commentators when they analysed the parts of the Presidential Speech in refernce to Iran. No word of Iranian People and their quest for freedom was mentionned.

Iran refuses to receive U.S. protest over ship incident (SEE SMCCDI Note…)

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SMCCDI Note:  The US Adminsitration, including President Bush and his speechwriters and especially the US Department of State, must avoid following the ill path of some mercantilist or opportunistic European circles and/or Government, such as Britain or France, that are trying to accomodate some backwarded Pan Nasserian Arab circles of the PERSIAN GULF region in their desperate try to re-name the famous water body with the meaningless word of “Gulf”; or worst with the illegitimate qualification of “Arab Gulf”

Indeed, such ill policy will only help the Islamic regime to use the nationalistic card and to try to rally Iranians, well known for their attachment to their cultural heritage and country, against those, such as America, who claim to follow principles and to respect others traditions or heritages.

In addition, such error of name prononciation, made recently by the US Adminsitration and Mr. Bush during his last visit of the region, will only help the Islamic regime to undermine the friendly feeling of the Iranian Nation toward America.

No one should forget, that Iran and Iranians will remain, in the region, till the end of times, and especially much after than the Islamic regime has disapeared and that all foreign military presence have left the PERSIAN GULF. 

Again, the correct, historical and the UN recognized name, is the PERSIAN GULF, and SMCCDI would like to invite those members of American Adminstration who have a lack of knowledge, to study the fact sheet located at:

Members of the US Adminsitration must especially not relay on those few Iranian writers, such as Amir Taheri, who when writing for some Arab newspapers, forget to use the full and correct name of the PERSIAN GULF, or that when writing for some American newspapers try to portray a riot in north of Iran as an Ethnic problem.  Indeed, the same Gas riot that happened in Qhaem-Shahr happened in other level in Sari and some other cities. They all marked IRANIANS discontent of the Islamic regime and in no case an identity problem.

As many Iranians say: “Mr. Taheri likes have only of Iranian, the ability of speaking the Persian Language, but it’s long that they have lost their Iranian soul”.

US releases footage of Iran boat incident

See Independent piece here.

SMCCDI Note: The Movement wishes to express, hereby, its expression of deepest gratitude, toward James Macintyre and the Independent’s Editorial Board, who, contrary to some mercantilist British media, have used, in the below article, the UN recognized name of the “Persian Gulf”.

Bush trip gave irresistible urge to tweak tail of a superpower (SEE SMCCDI Note…)

See Times news piece here.

SMCCDI Note: The Movement wants to remind to Mr. Richard Beeston and to the London Times Editorial board, that the term “Persian Gulf” is not only used in Tehran, in order to qualify the famous water body; but that the term “Persian Gulf” is a UN well recognized and historical name.

Unfortunately, the writer and the Times Editorial Board have used, at many occasion, the meaningless term of “Gulf”; and even worst, in some occasions, the false name of “Arab Gulf” in some of their articles.

Such low ethic journalistic behavior, used by some Englishmen who are said to be normally very inclined to show their attachment to principles and ethics, is highly rejectable and is in no shape of any sign of respect of such a noble profession that should be the impartial journalism and reporting.

Indeed, these British media should avoid trying to help the illegitimate implementation of falsified data, in their readers mind, by giving up to some of England’s mercantilist circles, which are trying to accomodate some backwarded Pan Nasserian Arab circles of the “Persian Gulf” region.

Maybe those noble Britishmen sould also start to try to use the correct name of other entities, such as, coming to some of British occupied Argentina’s territories, the “Las Malvinas” islands; instead of persisting to use an illegitimate and colonialist name which is the so called Falkland islands.

Without doubt, by changing their bad behavior, they will only gain respect in the minds of readers aware of International terms.

The writer and the Times Editorial Board, are once again, invited to study, in case of a lack of knowledge, the well documented data fact sheet, on the PERSIAN GULF, at:

One other essential point, to always remember, is the fact that the “Iranian Nation” is different than the Islamic regime, and that the absolute majority of Iranians are rejecting its illegitimate rule.

Iran hits Bush trip as unwelcome (SEE SMCCDI Note…)

Report here.

SMCCDI Note: The word PERSIAN has been inserted by SMCCDI in front of the meaningless word GULF, used in the below article. The Washington Times editorial board and its staff writers must know that the name “PERSIAN GULF” is the UN recognized and historical name of this water body, and they must avoid playing here the low moral journalistic game of British media in order to accomodate some backwarded Pan Nasserian Arab circles of the region.

Indeed, no one should confuse the Islamic republic regime with the Iranian Nation itself, subjected to the Islamist tyranny.

Anything else than the proper use of the FULL name known as “PERSIAN GULF” is considered, by all Iranians, as a sign of disrespect and of wrong behavior.

Another issue, in the below article, is the ultra right wing style try, of the writer, to portray IRAN and its current unpopular leadership as only “Persian Iran”; BUT anyone familar with Iran and its current regime is fully aware that: Firstly, Iran is not only a Persian country as it’s composed by Iranians of various ethnicities who are in their absolute majority proud to be Iranian; AND that the highest levels of the current regime’s leadership are not even Persian, such as, its Supreme Leader who’s an Iranian of Azeri ethnicity. 

It has been such mistakes, generated by some Ultra Right Wings circles of the US Policy, that have so far helped to fuel the propaganda machine of the Islamic regime, and have contributed to undermine the Bush Administration’s popularity among a majority of Iranians.